Illuminating Stella

November 2012 archive

Stella – Five Months

Dear Stella,

Today you are five months old and I am having a hard time believing it’s already been five months. At the same time your Dad and I can barely remember a time before you. You have had another big month. You are a busy girl and are constantly on the move. You’re “talking” and squawking all the time. You love to be in your froggy bouncer or on the activity mat and roll all over the place. EVERYTHING goes into your mouth, on the upside you’re getting good at giving kisses. We have been going to a Mommy and Me class and you just love hanging out with the other babies, singing songs and watching the rainbow parachute overhead. You are already a bit of a class clown and giggle a lot. This month we started experimenting a little bit with food. You have had some oatmeal, sweet potato and avocado. Being in the high chair seems to entertain you and we love having a family meal with you at the table. Your Dad and I have many nicknames for you, lately it’s Stellita, Thunderella, Stinkapotomous Bottomous and your cousin Maddie calls you Stella Bella (your Dad’s favorite). This month you celebrated your first Halloween and Thanksgiving, you attended your first Memorial Service, had a great visit with your Grandmother AKA Gigi and went to your first birthday party.

Love you to pieces,

Mom & Dad

Girl Meets Giraffe

We take Sophie the Giraffe almost everywhere. It just makes me smile when I see Stella holding her arm around Sophie, especially when she is sleeping. Looking through our photos of the last five months you cannot deny her presence. I wish I knew what Stella really feels for Sophie, but my instincts tell me it’s love, sweet love.

Thanksgiving 2012

Happy Thanksgiving! We have so much to be thankful for around here.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. So fun to celebrate Stella’s first. To start the holiday weekend My Sister, Maddie and Genna came down on Wednesday. We did a little shopping at Meggie Lou and Brothers Too and had lunch at The Small Cafe. I am trying to support local Long Beach businesses as much as possible. Then it was off to the park after stopping for Pumpkin Spice Lattes. We met up with our friend Michelle and her daughter Molly. Maddie and Molly adore each other. Took a few cute shots of them playing.

Making a Thanksgiving Cake! Maddie is really getting into cooking. She is getting a kitchen and play food for Xmas. She also was a cute little helper to her Great Aunt Cathi before Thanksgiving Dinner.

Best Gal Pals having a heart to heart!

We treated Stella to her first meal of oatmeal on Wednesday night. She was a huge fan.

We went to my Aunt Cathi’s for Thanksgiving Dinner. As she commented we had four generations around the table. That is something to really give thanks for. We missed my parents who were celebrating with my Mom’s sister and family in Indiana. They will be here soon for Christmas! Got some cute photos of the cousins.

Two First Thanksgiving Turkeys! Seven hundred shots and sadly this is the best one.

Stella was a little overstimulated to enjoy sitting at the table, she did not calm down until we put her in her bouncy chair. So glad we thought to bring that. She bounced happily at my feet while we enjoyed dinner.

We had three desserts including my Pumpkin Spice Trifle. The planned gingerbread got swapped for spice cake after visiting three stores (with baby in tow) to find gingerbread cake mix. Opted not to buy $14 worth of already made gingerbread at Whole Paycheck. I think it was a happy accident, the trifle was just great.

My Grandmother Virginia’s Cherry Pie. John and my cousin Chuck fantasize about it all year.

And finally, the cat got his “Tummy Ticklin’ Turkey Dinner” too. I found these Stella and Chewy’s dinners at Belmont Pets Launderpet. (Another cute local business) They are actually freeze-dried meals, you just add a couple of spoons of water. I bought them because of the name. We also have a Duck Dinner for Christmas. Seems like a very cool company with a big commitment to pet health. If he likes them I might consider buying the larger bags. The individual meals are $2/each.