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Preparing for Baby Food – Part I (Research)

At Stella’s four month check-up our pediatrician told us we should start thinking about introducing food between now and her six month check-up. This took me a little by surprise, that we were already here, especially since I felt like we just got into a good groove with breast feeding. Now another daunting adventure. I have started to do a little research and there are a few options we are considering for how we will approach introducing her to food. We want Stella to have a healthy diet and hope that she will love fruits and veggies.

Option One: Would be to spoon feed her purees, homemade by yours truly with organic fruits and veggies from the Farmer’s Market. We got the Baby Bullet Food Processor  as a shower gift and have always planned on doing that. I think it would be really satisfying to make food for her. Both John and I love to cook.

Here are some recipe books I found. I also found this site  that has a nice breakdown of recipes by months they would be appropriate to serve. I really like that. Actually there are lots of sites and blogs with recipes, Pinterest is also a great place to find them. What did Mom’s do before the internet?

Option Two: Would be to feed her purees from organic brand foods available at most markets these days. Our pediatrician told us that most of them are made with very few ingredients (like apples and water) and save a lot of time and way less clean-up. So the big task would be choosing the best brands. There are soooo many to choose from….kinda overwhelming. Of course there are many opinions about which ones are the best.

Option Three: Would be to do the Baby Led Weaning method and start Stella off on solids (not purees) from the beginning and let her learn to feed herself with her own hands. No spoon gently shoved, airplaned, etc into her mouth. From what I gather, basically you start with fruits, veggies and eventually meats that are cut in large pieces, cooked/steamed thoroughly (if needed). Then let her gnaw and suck on them for taste and exploration. This method supposedly prevents obesity as they eat what they are hungry for, which is not much as they still are getting most of what they need from breast milk for the first year. Article here from Science Daily. The scary thing about this for most is the fear of choking, as she could maybe break off a piece and swallow before she is ready and choke. I for one am not interested in practicing my Infant CPR. However, those that practice Baby Led Weaning say that babies really are able to handle eating this way, that some gagging will occur, but it is just fine. It is addressed here. I do like the idea of this method. You can watch lots of cute  and convincing videos if you search Baby Led Weaning on YouTube. There is definitely a mess factor, they get the food EVERYWHERE and usually need a bath after.

Reading to do for me. Book on order.

I also like the idea of coaching Stella with books to prepare her for eating food. We have a few books already that talk about food. I just got this one called My Foodie ABC at the Bower’s Museum. It’s really cute, though a lot of the foods introduced are pretty advanced, gourmet foods (C is for Chanterelle).

I also put these on order.

Baby Led Weaning- Calamari

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