Illuminating Stella

Stella’s Library

Stella and I are still reading each day and building her library as we go. Some days her attention span is pretty good and I can read her a book with longer content and other days she just wants to turn the pages immediately AND more importantly herself. This girl loves to turn a page. Board books seem to work best for her little fingers. I have also seen the destruction a toddler (like my niece Maddie) can unleash on a beautiful book so I have decided for the time being we will stick to board books for any new purchases. Some of these I bought before I realized this. They may have to go on a high shelf to protect them at some point. I’m still learning these things.

This book is so beautiful and hip. The author and illustrator is part of the DailyCandy website team. Birdie is such a fashionable girl. The story is darling too. It’s part of a series. I just bought Birdie’s Big Girl Dress for my friend Nicole’s daughter Olivia who is a little fashionista. She is four and probably better suited for this book as it is not a board book. I can’t wait till Stella is ready for this series.

This book was a gift from Stella’s second and third cousins in Denver. It’s very cheerful and has great illustrations of animals and friends around the globe. Along with that there is some texture to touch on each page. We are still working on understanding the tactile experience.

This book is great if you happen to like seeing things like a lamb in a pinafore, an otter in a cardigan, a horse in a dress and a koala carrying a fancy purse. I happen to really like it.

This one is another great series. The illustrations are over black and white photos of New York and just very cool. The writer used to work on Sesame Street.  I bought Maddie these books and a stuffed Knuffle Bunny last Christmas after spying them at a friends. I  only got the first one for Stella, but we will eventually get them all.

This one is part of my Intro to Food propaganda reading material for Stella. It goes with the I Like Fruit book I mentioned in an earlier post. Great illustrations, I am really happy we got it.

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” – Dr. Seuss

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