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Stella – Seven Months

Stella 7 Months

Dear Stella,

You are seven months today, which also happens to be our 2nd Wedding Anniversary! So we have lots to celebrate. I can’t believe you have been here for seven months and that we have been parents for that long too. We love being your parents, it’s the best thing either of us have ever been privileged to do. You continue to be a very busy girl. You are now capable of entertaining yourself a bit. You love being in the exersaucer or on your play mat and are most happy with toys that make noise and/or soothe your gums. Watching you examine and play with your stuff is so much fun.

You now have three almost four teeth, your bottom two, the top left one is about half way in and the top right is peeking out. You are constantly trying to mobilize, you have not figured out how to crawl just yet, but we feel it is probably coming soon. You have now said a few “words”, Dada, Cat and Mama in that order. I got a really cute video of you saying Mama, that I will treasure always. I just love your personality and I think you are going to be a chatty kid, you seem to be trying to communicate all the time. I think you are happiest in a swing watching the big kids playing around you on the playground. We are still going to the gym every week for playtime and we just started a Mommy and Me class with your Aunt Ally, Cousin Genna and lots of other cute babies you know. Thank-you Sweet Stella for another wonderful month!

We love you to pieces,

Mom & Dad

Happy Anniversary to Us

Happy Anniversary to us! It’s been two amazing years. Twenty-nine is a good luck number for us, we were married on January 29th and Stella was born on June 29th a year and a half later. We must have been nuts because we planned an OUTDOOR, EVENING  wedding in JANUARY.  By a major stroke of luck, we got amazingly gorgeous weather for our day. It literally rained the next morning. We were married in San Juan Capistrano at The El Adobe and took our photos at the Mission San Juan before the wedding. It was a perfect day. My best friend Michelle got ordained so that she could marry us, which made the ceremony so special. Here are some of my favorite wedding pictures.


















Attempting to be Sulfate Free

I recently read a Mom Blog about sulfates and the harm they may cause, especially to children and adults eyes, hair follicles and skin. It is considered a harsh irritant. I did some more reading and became officially concerned about using products with Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES). I then checked our bathroom and kitchen and was bummed to find these two ingredients in so many products we use. This included shampoo, body wash, facial scrub, toothpaste, liquid hand soap, dishwashing liquid and kitchen hand soap. SLS and SLES are used to create lather, which is why they are in so many products. There were even sulfates in some of the products I considered to be in that green, organic, all-natural safe zone. I won’t name names.

John and I discussed (argued) it and have agreed (he gave in) to switch to products that do not have sulfates. Maybe we are a little late to this party, as I began searching at Target, the grocery store and drug stores for replacements I noticed lots of products, especially shampoos are advertising that they are Sulfate Free. How did I miss this till now?

Here are some of our replacements. L’Oreal EverCreme Shampoo & Conditioner (L’Oreal has an entire line of sulfate free products), Burt’s Bees Ginger Body Wash, Neutrogena Naturals Facial Scrub, Jason Naturals Toothpaste and Clearly Natural Essentials Glycerin Soap. I am really happy with all of the products, the shampoo, conditioner and body wash also all smell wonderful. I think my hair looks and feels nicer. They are also all affordable as my days of Department Store/Salon Beauty Products are on hold while we are working with a single income.


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Here are some things we were already using that are sulfate free. California Baby Shampoo and Body Wash (we also have a Burt’s Bee’s one for her that is sulfate free), BabyGanics Dish Soap, Earth’s Best Baby Toothpaste, Boot’s Eye Make-Up Remover and Shaklee Organic Cleaning Products. The Shaklee Products were given to us by our friend Woody and we have been really pleased with them. It makes me feel so much better now that Stella is on the floor all the time that no harsh chemicals are there for her to touch with her little hands and mouth.

california-baby300 (2)EarthBest_Toothpaste

300 (4)Natural-Cleaning-Products