Illuminating Stella

February 2013 archive

The NoseFrida


Stella has been sick and congested the last two days with a cold, so unfortunately we already got an opportunity to try out the NoseFrida we ordered last week. In my Mommy and Me class I heard about people cutting open their bulb syringes and finding mold. See here for an article about this. I did not cut ours open to check, but the mold thing totally makes sense to me and freaks me out, which is why we ordered one from Amazon. Stella pretty much hates the bulb syringe too. I would not say that she loves the NoseFrida experience, but she is much more tolerant of this snot sucker. She hates being confined and fussed with no matter the reason. Even getting her dressed and diapered is a challenge these days. What I love about it is that you can really see what you are getting out of her little nostrils. It’s gross, but strangely satisfying and seems like way more removed than I ever felt the bulb syringe got out. Those who know how sad it is to take care of a congested baby who can’t breathe will understand. It’s also easy to clean and has a filter to prevent the illness from directly transferring to the sucker. The only downside is that you have to replace the filters. We are converts!

Here is the face our little snot nose makes when she senses the sucker is coming out.


Sunday, Sunshine, Swings, Smiles and Stella

These are the five S’s that keep ours “The happiest baby on the block”.  Here is a swing montage of our favorite playground enthusiast! She loves to swing, especially with her pals Genna and Grady! Looking forward to another beautiful day and a trip to the park with Stella!















I’ve Been Sleeping Here Instead, I’ve Been Sleeping In My Bed


A few weeks ago we finally moved Stella into the nursery. We co-slept until she started being able to get from a lying to seated position, probably longer than we needed to (thanks Mom for your endless support pressure on the topic). I loved having her close, especially for night time feedings. I have a really hard time getting back to sleep after I wake up. She also will only sleep on her tummy, which worries me at times. But we bit the bullet and now she is in the nursery and I have a monitor and video, like the image above to keep me informed.

So far we have not actually let her cry it out. I am trying the No Cry Method to start. To be honest, I hate hearing her cry, it literally pains/saddens/scares/irks me to no end (until it ends).

Paragraph break for eye rolls, I know you are doing it!

Plus, we share a wall of our town home with the nicest retired couple and when she is crying I just feel so bad about the noise. Stella is a very loud and belligerent cryer, even strangers have commented on it…lucky us! If I had to get up for work in the morning or take care of another kid, I’d probably do it all differently.

We are putting her down asleep at about 7:30-8pm. She wakes again usually around midnight or 1am.  At first I was feeding her again but now John goes in and has been able to get her back to sleep the last few nights. This is definitely the biggest victory so far. We have not really had too much trouble until we reach the 3-4am waking and feeding. She is just not willing to go back down in her crib at this point. No matter how zonked she seems she wakes right up the minute I lay her down and starts to cry. I try for about an hour and then usually end up taking her to bed with me and she sleeps with us till about 6-6:30am.  Who am I really indulging?

My girl, my girl, don’t lie to me…Tell me where did you sleep last night?