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A Bunny Came By…..Happy Easter!








Sushi Happy Hour



We did Happy Hour at Sushi by 39 Degrees last week. It replaced what used to be one of our favorite sushi restaurants, Aki at Seventh and Redondo in Long Beach sometime in the last year. We love sushi! However, our sushi consumption came to a grinding halt when I was pregnant. Now we only have it very occasionally since I am still breastfeeding and concerned about the mercury. Sushi is also an expensive habit. Well the Happy Hour at Sushi by 39 solves the second problem. They have an awesome special during Happy Hour, 3-7 pm, everyday. We did the pick 6 for $30 and had the Tuna Poke, Tuna Sushi, Salmon Sashimi, 2 rolls (forget which) and the Spicy Tuna Crispy Rice. We tried to stay with healthier choices since we are watching what we eat. Everything was really good and fresh, the Crispy Rice was one naughty pick, but worth every calorie. I will fantasize about that one from time to time.

I just so happened to have Stella’s Hello Kitty bib in the diaper bag. We thought it was a funny coincidence and the perfect bib for Japanese food so I snapped a few pics with my phone.


Bravo Mama, Bravo!

I usually allow myself a little me time during the day to blog (obviously) or surf the net or sometimes watch one of my shows. We listen to a lot of Pandora, but sometimes that gets tired. Stella is getting pretty good at playing and entertaining herself in small spurts, as long as I don’t leave the room. Not sure why that is so devastating, though I understand it’s a stage. I have to wait for a nap to do housework, shower, etc. Usually she pays no mind to what I am watching, but last week she started crawling up to the TV which is blocked with an ottoman (and anchored-thanks John!), pulling herself up and standing there watching for a few minutes.

Last week she popped up to check out The Rachel Zoe Project and Tina Fey on Inside the Actors Studio (which was super funny by the way). Of course, I felt a pang of Mom guilt about letting her take in Rachel Zoe in all her vacuous glory. I felt a little less guilty about her watching Tina Fey giving advice to college girls on how to make it in a male dominated field. It’s a little early to start worrying about who Stella idolizes, but let’s be honest, I’m really hoping she’s more of a Tina Fey Fan than a Rachel Zoe Fan. She is many years away from understanding which shows Mama watches in earnest and which she watches with her eyes rolling and a smirk on her face. This could be tricky. I guess I need to start making some better choices stat! Perhaps starting with no TV till after Stella’s bedtime. Definitely no Bravo. Here are a couple photos I texted a friend to demonstrate my model parenting.


Horrifying right?


Better, but still not great parenting.