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Flashback Friday: Favorite Fellow

Here are some of my favorite candid pictures of just John. They may not always be the best quality photos, but the memories are of the highest quality. Love you Babe!

newyears 035

Enjoying homemade mojitos you made for us, early on.

newyears 067

First time you cooked me dinner (Paella). Who would’ve guessed I’d have hundreds more dinners made for me???

2009 002

Muy guapo!


Poolside in Playa del Carmen. Can’t wait to go back!


Concert in the park.


Happy with a box of bottles in Paso Robles.


Sawdust Festival.


Bachelor Party.


Laguna Beach and Pageant of the Masters.


Happy Anniversary at At Last Cafe.


Nice suit!

Stella – Eleven Months


Dear Stella,

We are closing in on a year. Today you are eleven months old! It’s been another great month. The most notable development would have to be that you are now WALKING! You started with a few steps on Mother’s Day and every day since you have spent more time vertical than horizontal. I am kind of sad to say you are not crawling very much anymore, this week you figured out how to stand up with out pulling yourself up on something. You still walk with your hands up but every day they lower a little bit, so the walking style we love to call “Frankenbaby” will probably fade out too. Everything is going by so fast. You love walking around, the freedom it brings really works for your Miss Independent personality. You also got your first bonk bruise, under your eye. You can still kind of see it in the picture above.

You are talking all the time, still mostly gibberish but you say words all the time too. Not really on cue, but that’s okay. I got a great video of you saying your biggest word to date….flower. You are starting to learn your animals and can say owl, lion, whale, duck and my favorite, you say FFFF for giraffe. You also know some of your foods and have said blue for blueberries, cheese and you say mmmmm when you like the way something tastes. Mostly you mimic noises you hear, like Uh-oh, Hi and Bye Bye. You wave and occasionally blow kisses too. Pretty cute stuff.

This month you went to a few more birthday parties, the zoo, the aquarium and lots of parks. I got to celebrate my first official Mother’s Day. I can’t tell you how wonderful that was. You make life so fulfilling. Your Dad watched you so I could get a manicure and pedicure¬†and then have a Mimosa Brunch with Aunt Ally and Michelle. He gave me a beautiful picture of you blowing me a kiss etched on metal and made me a lovely dinner.

We love you to pieces!

Mom & Dad

100 Days of Summer

We went to the first concert in the park of the season at Marine Stadium on Friday night. Our new friends Alana and Amit invited us to join them with some of their friends and their sweet girl Sofie and we jumped at the chance. We have always gone to most of the summer concerts but missed them all last summer due to having a brand new baby. It was a perfect Long Beach night for a concert. There were tons of people out with picnics, boats pulled up to the shore, food trucks, fun music and a glass of wine in my hand…setting just the right mood. Apparently Long Beach is running a 100 Days of Summer Campaign¬†and this was the kick-start. We always love the park concerts and usually take in a few of the movies on the beach every summer. Not sure if we will be able to take Stella to the movies on the beach just yet. Though looking at the schedule I am thinking I might have to arrange a Ladies Night Out to catch at least one (probably Grease) this summer. I think Stella was a little overwhelmed by all the commotion at first, but seemed to have a great time all in all.