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Stella – Eighteen Months


Dear Stella,

It’s pretty hard to believe you are a year and a half old! You are getting to be such a big girl. We have been enjoying you immensely the last two months. You are very verbal and repeat or attempt to repeat any word we throw at you. Yesterday I told you that you were being obnoxious and your little voice said “nockshuss”. It almost made me feel guilty for calling you that, but also it made me laugh so hard. You are really funny, loud, usually cheerful and friendly to others. You like going shopping so you can chat with people in the aisles from your cart perch. You are getting pretty good with counting to ten (mostly because we have started doing time outs) and starting to do the alphabet. It’s hit and miss if you are in the mood to practice. You are putting two and three words together more and more. You are also starting to sing along to music and dance.

Physically you are getting tall and lean. I am missing your chubby baby thighs as they are disappearing day by day. You are very active and in constant motion. You are climbing on everything and I feel like all I do is tell you to get down and physically remove you from coffee tables, side tables and ottomans when we are indoors. At the park you are pretty brave climbing to the top of structures and going down slides like a champ. You are comfortable playing with kids of all ages and don’t seem to realize that you are the littlest one when you are. Occasionally you are shy for a few minutes but then always jump right in and are not intimidated by anything. Somedays you are a good sharer and hugger and other days you are kind of a little brute. It’s a good thing you learned the word sorry.

Conversely, you are not exactly the adventurous eater we thought we would produce. Your Dad makes amazing meals for us all the time and it’s pretty impossible to get you to try new foods. We will never stop trying! Unless it’s a dessert item and then you seem to have no hesitation, I am not even sure how you distinguish this but you do. Your favorite foods are still a lot of the same things, blueberries, bananas, peas and yogurt.

You have a cute little imagination thats definitely working overtime. Your favorite toys are the little Sesame Street Characters, Little People Princesses and your Yo Gabba Gabba figures. You love to move them all from location to location, line them up, say their names and talk to them. You still are a big book lover and demand we read books to you all day.

My favorite development is how super cuddly and affectionate you are now. You love hugs and kisses and to sit in my lap or right next to us. You make really cute mmmmm and mwah sounds too. You absolutely love massages and luckily they calm you right down.

We love you to pieces!

Mom and Dad





Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas!



Christmas is an Emotional Time

I tried to take a few photos of Stella in her cute Christmas dress before we went off to another holiday party on Saturday. She launched into an epic fit for no apparent reason. Maybe it was the camera? Maybe too many activities? Maybe the pressure of the season was getting to her? Anyway, something got her instantly sooooooooo mad. She finally calmed down when I gave her a cup of blueberries.  She had a great time at the party and was pretty happy the whole night. She even passed out on the way home (my favorite) and went straight to bed without a peep.  So maybe she just needed to get it out of her system before we went out. She might get this from me now that I think of it. Getting ready and out the door for a party often brings out the beastliest side of my personality too. I often just need a cup of something too.