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June 2014 archive

Frozen Sing-Along – First Movie in the Park


On Friday night I hosted my Mothers group to meet for a Frozen Sing-Along viewing at the park. We packed a picnic dinner and enjoyed letting Stella play with her cousin and all the other kids at the park. The city provided a couple of bounce houses as well for the kids until the movie started at dusk. Stella had an absolute blast, mostly dancing and singing with the other little girls. Some of the cutest stuff I’ve ever seen was watching these girls “Let It Go”.  She even got some light up blue hair from a nice family. Actually, the blue hair was genius for keeping an eye on them. Since guess who would try to run off into the crowd in a random direction every so often. I think I might have to remember that trick if we do anymore evening events. It felt like half the city was there, but everyone was in a great mood, enjoying the warm summer night. Stella only made it about a third through the movie before we decided she was ready to go home, but she has now officially attended her first movie in the park, one of our favorite summer traditions.











Ten Recently Enjoyed Things

1. Sea Monster Slide at the Atlantis Play Center.


2. Caught in the thrilling act of crayon graffiti.


3. Book club reading while she naps.


4. Catching a magical flying butterfly in our very living room.


5. Celebrating my Dad’s Birthday with dinner on the beach.


6.  Beach playdate with Jane.


7. Totally engrossed in a story time all about trains.


8. Running on the beach in matching dresses.


9.  Two year check-up, such a good girl and totally healthy!


10. Family photo for Father’s Day.




Eating: Roasted Seaweed. No really it’s yummy. We tried this recently on a playdate and then located the goods at Trader Joes a few days later. Low cal and even Stella likes it. This blew my mind. My kid asking me for “more please, seaweed.”

Reading: The Goldfinch for book club this month. Going to crack it this weekend, I’ve heard it’s outstanding. Also, the kids book Hands are Not for Hitting. It came highly recommended and so far, it’s helped some. Stella has the book practically memorized. If you ask her, hands are not for???? She will finish the sentence correctly. She will even then tell you all the things hands are for. I am hoping for a real break through soon.

Watching: When we were on vacation we rented The Life of Pi from the front desk. Maybe it had something to do with having just seen some real life tigers at the Safari Park earlier that day, but I was completely engrossed in this visually beautiful movie and story. Strangely, it really made me miss my cat.


Obsessing Over: For Stella it’s her Bathtub Crayons. I’ve been calling her Bathsquiat. I love her nightly art installations.

Celebrating: Summer is officially here. Just poured through the Long Beach 100 Days of Summer calendar. I am looking forward to many concerts in the park, beach days, Farmer’s Market dinners, splash pads, wading pools, park play dates and we may even try a movie at the beach (just to push the envelope). There is a Frozen Sing-a-long, I mean c’mon!

Loving: Stella’s imagination is in full bloom. Today she emptied out a box of books and climbed in. She told me it was her spaceship, that she was going to the moon and then said “3,2,1…..blastoff”. I got the cutest video of it. This kid just amazes me daily. I also love her awesome, curly bedhead. Who has time to brush their hair before blasting off to outer space?