Illuminating Stella

July 2014 archive



Loving: The beach. Not so much me, but Stella. I am loving her loving the beach. I am trying to overlook the collection of sand in my car, how un-fun it is to change a #2 diaper at the beach and the joys of sporting a bathing suit in public; because my mermaid is deeply love with the beach and it’s so cute. She is go, go, go from sand castle making to charging into the water with no fear. She’s jumping on boogie boards like a pro and playing with any random kid in sight as if they are long-lost best friends. I used to love the beach like that. What happened?


Eating: Trying to count calories and using the MyFitnessPal App to track calories and exercise. My cousin recommended it and I love it so far. We are doing low carb dinners when we can. My new favorite is spaghetti squash marinara. Something like this recipe. John is the one who pulled it from his repertoire.  I am loving the amazing low-calorie count/high fiber benefit of the spaghetti squash. We are going to try to make it once a week till were sick of it.

Watching: For my birthday we went to the Pageant of the Masters in Laguna Beach. This is a favorite annual date from the pre-baby era for us, though we missed the last two years due to our mini. It’s was so good to be back, now it’s a “date night”. Thanks to my parents for watching Stella. It’s hard not to love an open-air theater on a warm summer night. We enjoyed some wine and dinner with live music at the Festival of the Arts beforehand. If you’ve never heard of it, you must check out the Pageant, it’s like nothing else.


Listening to: The music from Once. We just saw the show at the Pantages on Sunday with my Sister and Bro-in-Law. Amazing show, based on the wonderful movie from 2006. They got VIP tickets from an auction and we were able to hang in the VIP bar during intermission. Although, the stage is converted into a bar during intermission as well during this show, which is pretty cool. We all loved the show, I even cried. The music is so pretty. Thanks so much for taking us as your guests you guys!


Reading: Starting Wind, Sand and Stars by Antoine de Saint-Exupery for our next book club meeting. Same author as The Little Prince. I am looking forward to cracking it.

Obsessing over: I know we are late to the party, but Stella is thoroughly obsessed with Frozen and all things Anna and Elsa. She was given the cd for her birthday and demands it be played in the car. When we are home she demands the movie. We say no all the time, but I still feel like we are watching and listening to it non-stop. She has much of the lyrics memorized. The other morning she woke up and went to her window and started singing the Coronation Day song, like she was Anna or something. I was laughing from the cuteness at her door. Stella already feels it so deeply.

Celebrating: Summer birthdays. So many it seems like we eat cake five times a week. Stella loves to sing Happy Birthday and get her cake. Next month we will celebrate the family summer birthdays with a pool party and cake of course.


Story Time with Princess Belle

A few weeks ago I took Stella to a special story time at the library featuring Princess Belle. We decided it was the perfect day for her to wear the princess skirt and top my Mom gave her for her birthday. Stella loved her fancy dress. The story time was actually at an inopportune time of 1:30pm, like smack in the middle of her usual nap time. But I decided to commit to hosting the event for my Mom’s group anyway. Because I might be nuts.  I figured I would walk Stella to the park early, tire her out and get her to fall asleep in her stroller on the 30 minute walk home. Ha Ha Ha. The kid would not nap. Not for anything. Not even on the drive over to the library. So off we went to meet Belle with no nap and an uneasy feeling in my Mama gut. I mean, even with a nap this kind of stuff is hugely challenging for my busy girl. Needless to say, we spent most of the actual story time out front collecting ourselves. She just didn’t want to sit still and listen to the story, she wanted to run around and tell me….”Mama, Mama….Princess!!” It was cute, just very disruptive. After the stories, she was suddenly content to sit still on the mat and wait her turn to meet Belle. This would be the time that the kids were now free to move around and make noise. Oh my Stella, you know how to make your Mom sweat it.  Meeting Belle was a big thrill and Stella gave her the sweetest hug. She was asleep within the first two minutes of driving home.









California Science Center

My Sister and my friend Joy and I took our girls to visit the Space Shuttle Endeavor at the California Science Center in Downtown LA last week. The space shuttle was very impressive, it strangely almost looked as if it was made from paper. Much of the museum was beyond the two-year olds, though Stella had fun checking things out. We spent some time in the Children’s Discovery Center and also took the older two girls on a diving dolphin adventure that they loved. They loved pretending to be news anchors. This museum will be really great in a few more years. I think it will be great Father/Daughter Day for my techie husband and our kid. There is a lot of hands-on, experimental kid friendly exhibits. It’s pretty affordable too, it was $10 to park and $2 to see Endeavor. There was also a special exhibit of Pompeii going on and an IMAX theater.