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Stella – Twenty-Six Months


Dear Stella,

You are now 26 Months old! There are so few signs of baby left in you it’s almost heartbreaking. Thankfully (and occasionally frighteningly) there are thousands of signs of toddler in you and I am trying to soak it all up. You have had a super busy summer. Sorry I have to catch up on some blogging and post more pictures of everything we’ve been up to. This month you started Pre-school! I will do a separate entry on that, but it’s been a big deal for all of us. You are still taking swim lessons, which you have put to use in countless swimming and wading pools this summer, not to mention the beach and even one lazy river. You are a water baby through and through. You also seem to be a a girly-girl at heart and have become pretty obsessed with all things princess, dress-up, jewelry and sparkly. When we are home, you pretty much insist on wearing full garb including tutu dress, crown, wand and the like. You have also fallen in love with the Toy Story Movies and want to be Jessie the Cowgirl for Halloween. With some help from your Grandma we are going to make that happen. You have really become interested in art lately and always ask to color or paint. You pretty much know your colors at this point.

You are a very boisterous girl and love being out in the world. You are also very affectionate and give lots of super-big hugs all the time. You often tell me that you love me, If I say I love you, you always say it back. Sometimes you just tell me out of the blue and I melt. Your vocabulary just gets bigger by the minute. You love to repeat new words, I am amazed how easily words and language come to you. We have full on conversations at this point. Your singing is also really developing, you remember the words to many songs and love to sing, especially in the car. You were given the Frozen soundtrack for your birthday and you can sing along with it pretty much word for word. Sometimes you sing the songs without the music and it kills me how much you have retained. You also act out the emotion and hand-gestures, it is hilariously cute.

You are super inquisitive and ask who, what, why questions all day. You also often ask me “what time is it?”  This one really cracks me up. Like you have a schedule to maintain or somewhere to go.  You are also getting adept at figuring out latches, doorknobs, locks, how to climb anything and overcome any obstacle in your way. Recently you locked me out of the house. I stepped on the porch to get my running shoes so I could take you for a walk and bam you locked the door. It took me about five minutes talking to you thru the mail slot to coax you to unlock the door. Needless to say, I was in panic mode. You laugh all the time, you dance, you jump and spin, you are constantly in motion.

Everyday your Dad and I ask ourselves how we got so lucky! We love you to pieces!

Mom & Dad



Irvine Park

A few weeks ago, my Sister and I took the girls and met up with our Cousin at Irvine Park. This was our second visit to the park. It really is an awesome venue. We started with the train, then took a nice walk past the duck pond and lake to visit the Orange County Zoo. Afterward we had a picnic, let the girls play on the jungle gym and finished off the day with pony rides. The girls were definitely super excited to ride the ponies.  Looking forward to our next visit already. Plus I can’t wait till they are old enough to ride the paddle boats on the lake!