Illuminating Stella

March 2015 archive

Ten Recently Enjoyed Things

1. Mardi Gras Girls. We had our friends over to celebrate Fat Tuesday and these two cuties really got into the spirit. John made a fantastic dinner of shrimp and sausage gumbo, collared greens, corn and bacon beignets and some king cake for dessert. Oh and bacon wrapped dates for an appetizer. It was a delicious meal paired with a few Abita beers.


2.  Stella started taking a ballet class. Luckily her class is at the same time as her hero Molly and so her Mom/my BFF Michelle (since 6th grade) and I get to watch our two daughters practice while we chat. It’s pretty awesome. Stella has kind of amazed me with her participation in the class. I keep waiting for her to act like a wild little monkey, but she somehow falls in line, stays in her place and is pretty earnest and determined to do all the positions.


3. We are acquiring lots of fine art these days. I decided to display some of my favorites in Stella’s room. I love that her preschool incorporates so much art into their days. We have quite a collection going and were going to have to consider some archiving solutions.


4. Bouncehouse!! With a slide inside by the way. Can you see her enthusiasm? Also loving this cute skirt from Carters. The puppy dog print is too darling. Might have to do a Spring Fashion Board on pinterest again.


5. Tea Party Tantrum. Bizarre tantrums are just part of life with a two-year old. Pretty much every single day. On a lovely day at Disneyland, this little rabbit wanted to ride a pink teacup. This was following a compete disaster where we got the horrible beige car on Autopia and I spent the whole drive explaining that you get what you get for rides. But there are a few like the teacups where they let the whole group in at once and you have a chance (think again) of satisfying a toddlers whims. We somehow were near the front of the line, she announced she wanted a pink one and I felt like, ‘Ok, I can make this happen’. Well of the 3-4 pink teacups, I hustled us into one with a fleur de lisle on the outside thinking I totally rock… hooray… score! But then the tears erupted because… wait for it….she wanted the pink teacup with hearts on the outside. I’m like, for real little girl, I’m done….gag me with a teaspoon. Thank-goodness the damn china started spinning and she came around and managed to enjoy the ride. She really has it rough.


6.  Mary Poppins and Bert! We have been lucky enough to meet many of Stella’s favorite Disney characters at Disneyland, but this was pretty special. I had shown Stella the movie Mary Poppins for the first time the night before and she loved it. She was so excited to see Mary and Bert and cracked me up when she asked them “where are the kids?” It was so cute, it almost made me forget the teacup tantrum.  They told her the kids were in school in London of course.


7. Stella and her Grandpa. They have really developed a special bond lately which is so cute. Stella has a hundred and one questions about everything and he patiently answers every one, even the repeat ones. She is really into the ‘but why’ line of questioning these days. No assertions will be accepted.


8. A Superhero Playdate. I hosted this one for our playgroup and the kids had an absolute blast. I read them the Little Goldenbook, “How to Be a Superhero” and outfitted them with sunglasses, headbands, medals of honor and they filled out and decorated these superhero I.D. Cards. Then they practiced flying on the hills. Stella made a for a feisty Supergirl.


9. Drawing Baymax at the Disney Store. We stopped in for the sleepwear sale. Stella is now obsessed with wearing dresses everyday and this follows with her sleepwear and she will now only wear nightgowns. They were doing this cute store tutorial that was really for older kids, but Stella joined in and loved it. By the way she got this  Anna and Elsa nightgown.


10. Stella’s Gymboree friends. I love that Stella is still buddies with three of the adorable little girls (and now their younger siblings) that we met in our Gymboree class.  She’s known them all since before she turned one and now they are all closing in on three. It’s so fun to watch them grow together along with their awesome Moms.




It’s A Jolly Holiday With Stella

Stella is always beyond thrilled to ride a carousel. She can never resist their lure and I love letting her pick a magical, beautiful creature to ride.  She gets so excited to climb on and let me strap her in. It’s pure, adorable fun. I can’t imagine a time when we would walk by one and not take a ride. The day we do, I will probably die a little inside. Here is a little montage in tribute to many great rides (so far).




P1090073 IMG_0391_2