Illuminating Stella

May 2015 archive



Eating: Well this is a drinking thing. But I’m kind of addicted to Coconut Water these days. I’ve always been a terrible water drinker but have had headaches a lot this year and figured out that I need to drink water and hydrate better to keep the headaches at bay. I’m so guilty of doing coffee, iced tea and then wine all day. We just got back from a week in the desert where the heat and sun and a few cocktails are usually a direct path to a splitting headache for me. But not this time! Thank-you Coconut Water!

Listening to: Florence and the Machine. John webcast the KROQ Weenie Roast for us and I have to say I was really impressed with their performance. I have liked her songs on the radio, but hearing and seeing her semi-live was pretty impressive.

Reading: Just finished Amy Poehler’s book, Yes Please while on vacation and I really enjoyed it. Nothing too revolutionary here and it felt very similar to Tina Fey’s and Mindy Kaling’s books which I also enjoyed. I was curious about her split from Will Arnett because I always thought they were a super cool couple, but she didn’t really dish about it at all. Which then made me respect her even more.



Watching: Had a girls night at my friend Julie’s last night to watch Fifty Shades of Grey. I did not read the book so only had a vague idea of the premise for the story. I found the whole movie annoying and depressing. Honestly, confused by all the people who found this all super sexy. It seemed like a story written by a hormonal teen girl. The four women watching all agreed pretty vehemently that it was total rubbish.

Loving: Stella the ballerina. She is so in love with her dance class and is practicing all….the…time! We had group picture day in costume last week. The girls were so incredibly cute in their costumes. Stella could not stop spinning around and trying to show her dance moves to the older dancers. She admires them so much.

Celebrating: A wonderful week-long vacation in Palm Desert with family and good friends. It was a truly relaxing vacation. Now I’ve got to weed though all the pictures to do a blog post.



Ten Recently Enjoyed Things

1. Weekend hikes at the Bolsa Chica Wetlands. Stella has been doing great on this two-mile hike and we’ve been going pretty much every weekend for about 5-6 weeks now. It’s nice because we can let her have some freedom that walking in the neighborhood just does now allow. The views of the wetlands, the ocean and animal wildlife are beautiful, but guess who loves the lizards the most.


2. The water table is back in action. Stella is obsessed with water which is well-timed with the drought in California. We keep catching her trying to fill up her teapot and other vessels with water at the bathroom sink and carry them downstairs to her play kitchen. Just awesome.


3. Love this picture of John and Stella deep in conversation while in line to ride the Astro Rockets at Disneyland.


4. Frozen Birthday Parties. We had back to back weekends of Frozen fun for her sweet friends Sofie and Eva. Both parties were attended by Anna and Elsa and the Ice Princesses did a great job fielding hundreds of questions from Stella. They certainly earned every penny of their appearance fees.



5. Face painting is Stella’s newest obsession. At the first Frozen party I stopped near the entrance to say hello to another Mom and suddenly realized Stella had disappeared. When I found her she was already getting her face painted. Not shy, wasting no time, yes that’s my girl.


6. Learning the letters with the adorable Endless Alphabet App. I have to say, this app is really sharp, kind of hilarious and Stella has definitely learned her letters using it. She is also loving her curly twin Princess Merida.


7. Enjoying a fun reunion with her buddy Clara (on the left) who moved to the Bay Area last month. Stella and Lily were thrilled to have their playmate back. These three are full of antics.


8. Meeting Great Aunt Sandy! My Aunt is in town from Indiana and finally got to meet all three of her Great-nieces. Stella was sure to be on her best behavior so my Aunt thinks I have it really easy. Ha ha ha! The girls all loved meeting her too!


9. H & M does it again. I bought another lot of dresses and leggings to get us through the summer. Such good deals with their Buy 2 Get One Free selections and $5 sundresses. They are pretty much her uniform.




10. We love nap-time. We need nap-time. We might crumble to bits without nap-time. I keep hearing about kids around Stella’s age and even much younger dropping their naps. So far she has only skipped 1-2 naps in her little life. We’ve had some very late naps, but thank heaven there is always a nap. I am grateful for every nap and lately they are feeling more precious as I know any day they could vanish.