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March 2016 archive

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Here’s a little bit of what we’ve been up to lately.

On a recent trip to Pretend City, we stepped into the Pretend Diner and Stella said she was going to put on an apron like Tiana (Disney -Princess and the Frog) and work hard. Then she started singing “I’m Almost There” while she made me dinner. Such a sweet moment, she makes a cute little chef!

IMG_0563 (1)

Good report card at the dentist! Somebody was very excited to go and requested the bubble gum toothpaste again. Amazes me what this kid remembers.

IMG_0628 (1)

We took Stella to see Peppa Pig Live downtown LA. The tickets were one of her Christmas presents. She loved the show and is definitely a big fan of live theater! The show was well-done and very interactive. I wish there were more opportunities to go to the theater with Stella, but I guess when she gets a little older more opportunities will come.


Happiness is a Thomas the Train Birthday Party with Blue Sprinkle Dipped Marshmallow Pops! Followed by a Pinata full of candy. Followed by Birthday Cake, with a Juice Box chaser. Oh and a giant Lollipop for the road. Try to get her to eat a hot dog or anything not full of sugar. I dare you.



My Funny Valentine ready to hit the Valentine’s Day Party.  At some point she stripped to her underwear , crown and high-tops and borrowed a magenta cape and spent the rest party in that outfit. Bold choice for a bold girl. Of course I have pictures, but they are not blog friendly. We will keep those for the slideshow at her Wedding Rehearsal Dinner or something.



My Sister and niece Maddie watched Stella so we could have a date night recently. I got a text with this sassy picture during the night and it just made me so happy to know she was enjoying herself so much.


She is always happy to be off to ballet class!


Stella and her friends enjoying a warm winter day spotting jellyfish at the Lagoon. This was about 2 minutes before she got filthy and wet and refused to wear her hat.


A week later at the same Lagoon in a wool hat, boots and a peacoat. California winter weather is so moody lately.


Afternoon at the Aquarium. She looks so grown-up sometimes. All that long, curly hair.


Luckily nap time brings some semblance of my baby back to me.


Lunch out after we met up with our friends Alicia and Nathan at the very cool Pirate Park in Stanton.


We took a fun overnight trip to Big Bear. Sadly we didn’t get to play in the snow, which was the main goal. Bad timing weather-wise. There was some old snow on the hills Saturday and we got heavy rain Sunday morning. Which meant the tubing park was closed.  Also, we learned we have a munchkin who gets motion sickness. Yuck. We met up with our friends Jill and Jim and their kids and had fun on the Alpine Slides. Well until it started pouring rain on us while we were waiting in line at the top of the mountain. Cold wind and rain not so much my fave. We will have to figure another way to get Stella some snow play. I just know she’ll love it.