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So here’s what we’ve been up to the last few months. I’ve been a lazy blogger for sure. But we’ve had a great couple months and up to lots of good stuff.

Park days! Almost every day, except maybe school days we hit the park. It’s the place to be, just ask Stella. She loves being outside in the fresh air. I love that she is able to have a great time whether we are meeting friends, she plays with random kids or has the park to herself. ┬áSometimes I worry about the lack of a sibling in her life, but she’s pretty flexible and just happy to be exploring.

IMG_1924 IMG_20160430_110100





This picture went up on her dance studios Facebook page. Can’t believe this was a year ago. They were so tiny. Looking forward to another great performance in July.


Sofie’s 4th Birthday and a truly great gymnastics theme party. We are seriously thinking about taking a class at this gym now, though no idea where it will fit into her schedule. The party was an Inside Out/Angry Birds theme. Guess who had to have the “Disgust” cupcake.

IMG_1735 (1) IMG_1737

Earth Day Festival. Someone really enjoyed painting her birdcage at the Home Depot Booth.


Disney on Ice. Their faces say it all. Quite the extravaganza of Disney characters.


Long Beach Touch a Truck Event. Guess who rode a cherry picker up very high in the sky (I have the best video of this) and explored all kinds of city trucks, service vehicles in addition to random cars including the Scooby Doo Van. They do this event in a large parking lot by the beach and it’s gotten so popular you have to RSVP. Of course it’s like a symphony (note sarcasm) of honking horns and such. My friend who lives across the street was trying to sleep in when we texted for a potty emergency, not realizing we’d wake her up and she was like, ” I think they are filming some war movie on the beach”- LOL. She still didn’t seem too amused when we explained what was going on.

IMG_1923 IMG_1912

New coffee shop/wine & craft beer market in the neighborhood. WELCOME to the neighborhood we say!!!


Mother’s Day Picture with all the ladies.


Playdates with her cousin Genna while Maddie’s at school. These two are adorable together. I love their conversations, its ridiculous.

IMG_2008 IMG_2027

Lunch with Jen and Sasha in Newport. Stella worships Sasha. She is so great with Stella too. Just a beautiful, wonderful and wise girl.


Time for the water table to come back out. Makes some people around here quite happy.


Genna’s 4th Birthday, a cute art and animal themed party at Michaels. The girls loved their tiger face paint in honor of Genna’s favorite animal. Of course the party still erupted into a dance party, which may have been my favorite part!

IMG_2126 IMG_2119 IMG_2071

We continued celebrating Genna’s birthday with a family trip to Knott’s Berry Farm. Pretty fun day and the highlight may have been watching my parents come down the final hill/slide of the log ride and my Mom’s huge scream.

IMG_2373 IMG_2186

Fairy arm paint at her school open house. She loved this fairy so much!


A hike through the Bolsa Chica Wetlands with Grady and Keegan (Sharla’s boys). The hand-holding sweetness didn’t last too long, but it was cute while it did. Sharla and I have been friend since 7th grade. Pretty amazing when you think about that.


A little trip to Vegas where John had a work conference and his Mom and Brother decided to fly in and join us. Stella just loved spending time with them. We discovered a few good kid parks in Vegas including the Town Square which had an amazing children’s park and the Container Park which had the coolest “treehouse” for kids. We also took her back to see the Mermaid at the Silverton as we are planning her Little Mermaid Birthday for the end of June.

IMG_2467 IMG_0885 IMG_2483 IMG_2465

Long Beach Vegan Festival where Stella enjoyed a few treats, especially the vegan cupcake kabob below. Unfortunately, the festival was so packed we just didn’t have the bandwidth to stand in line to try the food that looked so good. I think they got a way bigger crowd than they were planning for.

IMG_2702 IMG_2721

We celebrated my Dad’s 70th Birthday at the Lighthouse Bayview Cafe in Newport Beach. The grand-daughters helped him enjoy his sundae. Then we moved over the adjacent Marina Park and let the girls play, lots on the giant lighthouse slide and had cake. Super-beautiful spot on the Bay for a perfect afternoon.

IMG_2808 IMG_2831

These two, sometimes look so much alike!


Scooter rides are becoming a bi-weekly ritual.


Nothing like a popsicle in the park her adorable friend Sofie. Here’s to summer.