Illuminating Stella


Hi, I am Meredith. I am 30 Something, Married and New Mother to Stella, born June 2012. Her name means star and she lights up my entire galaxy. Our little family, which is rounded out by a tuxedo cat, resides in Long Beach, California. In a huge leap of financial faith, I just gave up my job to stay at home with her. I am determined to make the most of my time at home with Stella, probably just a year or two. My hope is that this blog will be a memoir for all three of us and a way to motivate me to do more, cook more, explore more, enjoy more! I plan to light up my little girl’s life the way she lights up mine…..this is Illuminating Stella.


My interests:

Giving my daughter amazing days and peaceful nights
Local things to do and see, especially on a budget
Mom/Parenting Community
Healthy cooking as well as good time cooking and dinner parties!
Great products and bargains for kids and women
Great books for kids and adults
Fashion & Design
Wine Tasting
Reading other blogs!