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Flashback Friday: Mexico

As we prepare for another trip to Mexico I have been looking back at photos from our last trip. Last time John and I went to Mexico was in the first year of dating each other. We had a wonderful, romantic trip and I fell in love with Playa del Carmen….and John. We will be returning married, with our baby and a lot of additional family, including my parents, my Sister and her Husband and kids. While the tone of the upcoming trip is decidedly different, I am equally excited to go. We will be celebrating my Dad’s Retirement! It’s a beautiful place. See. (Also, see how much we have aged).

Picture5 006

Picture5 042

Picture5 035

Picture5 049


Picture5 079

Flashback Friday: Favorite Fellow

Here are some of my favorite candid pictures of just John. They may not always be the best quality photos, but the memories are of the highest quality. Love you Babe!

newyears 035

Enjoying homemade mojitos you made for us, early on.

newyears 067

First time you cooked me dinner (Paella). Who would’ve guessed I’d have hundreds more dinners made for me???

2009 002

Muy guapo!


Poolside in Playa del Carmen. Can’t wait to go back!


Concert in the park.


Happy with a box of bottles in Paso Robles.


Sawdust Festival.


Bachelor Party.


Laguna Beach and Pageant of the Masters.


Happy Anniversary at At Last Cafe.


Nice suit!

Flashback Friday: Part Mermaid

Picture 160

As we plan our upcoming family trip to Mexico, I am getting more and more excited. I am really looking forward to playing in the pool and the ocean with my Sister, my nieces and my baby girl (and the rest of the family too). When we were kids Ally and I pretty much lived in our bathing suits from June to September. The beach is such a huge part of our childhood identity, especially once we moved to Southern California. I remember things like my Mom standing at the edge of the ocean calling to us that it was time to go and we would pretend not to hear and swim out further. Or that my Dad would come home from work early in the summer and take us to The Wedge for a sunset swim. We never met a body of water, not even a garden sprinkler we were not willing to play in for hours. It’s one of the best ways to spend a summer day. I know we will pass on this tradition to Maddie, Genna and Stella. It was hard not to notice during our last vacation that all three girls seem to be also part mermaid.


Remember them…we loved these girls too!