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Living Room AND Play Room

It was only a matter of time before we had to get around to this. Our place is not too big and Stella is about to start crawling and a baby on the move needs a place to go. Since her nursery is upstairs and we pretty much live downstairs, we decided to give her about a third of the living space in our Living Room. Unfortunately, I don’t have before pictures to post as John has been revamping our photo storage which has rendered me unable to upload or pull any photos off the computers we have for over a week. Hopefully soon we will be all set there and I can post regularly again. Our budget for this project was smally small. What started us off was a Christmas present from Joy and Sophie, the adorable Puppy Dog 3 Sprouts Storage Box. We ordered two more, the Peacock and Kangaroo. I love them! Then we got the shelving from Ikea and also the cute rug. John went to a carpet store and got extra padding to put underneath it, so it’s extra cush. The rocking chair in the corner is an heirloom handed down from My Mother to me and now Stella. Next we brought down the Graco Pack and Play, which now serves as a great “contained” play station for her. We also replaced our wood coffee table and end table with two upholstered storage ottomans from Target. I wanted upholstered after reading bonking heads on the coffee table was the number one reason babies end up in the ER. Ours was super big, taking up tons of crawl space and it was heavy wood. It had to go. We got one end table at a consignment shop, also with storage below. We are still on the hunt for another for the other side of the couch. We also got rid of a large, white chair that used to take up one corner. The final touch was curtains from Target. The windows are super sunny and we did not want to use the shades to protect her as they are also a hazard. I am learning that pretty much everything is a hazard to a baby. We still have a lot of baby proofing to do. The gates are ordered! All in all, we are both really pleased with the changes. We’d like to add some art work that goes with her space as a final touch. She is pretty content to play here as you can see from the photos. Cat also content :)








Stella’s Blankets

At my baby shower I was given many beautiful handmade blankets for Stella. I’ve been wanting to do something to document them for her. John and I decided to photograph her on each blanket and make her a photo book out of them for her through AdoramaPix as a keepsake. We shot the photos over several weeks. Blanket credits below each photo. We are so blessed that Stella has so many great people in her life willing to take the time to make such lovely things for her.

Brown Floral- Mollee

Ladybugs- Sharla

Pastel Knit- Marguerite/Great-Great Grandmother (This was originally mine and my Mom passed it on to Stella)

Stripes Knitted- Joyce

Pink/Green/Orange Knit- Julie

Pink Knit- Amy

Orange/Green/Blue Knit- Julie

Owls- Sharla

Stella’s Nursery

When I went to decorate Stella’s nursery I was all over the board internet with ideas and lofty desires. It was really hard to narrow it down, there are so many directions one can go. Ultimately, we wanted to keep the expense to a minimum and not have something that felt too themed, hyper-girly or overwrought. So what kick started Stella’s nursery was a Sunrise Headboard Decal from Urban Outfitters. It was not meant for a nursery, but I thought it might look really cute over her crib and I loved the idea of her waking up to the sun shining on her every morning. It was on clearance, so I took a chance on it. So the decal kinda set the color scheme: orange, green, yellow and I threw in some hot pink touches for girly measure.

The second purchase was our glider, it was mail ordered from Target on a leap of faith. It is the most comfortable, awesome glider and I am so glad we got it.  I rocked her to sleep in that glider tonight. John painted the bookshelf (which we had) green for me and we ordered the artwork from Etsy and framed it ourselves at Aaron Brothers. Artwork included at bottom of post, so it can be seen better. The pictures I took here are not the best, but I wanted to photograph the room during my favorite time of day in the nursery which is about 4pm. That is when the sun shines so nicely in there and everything is covered in a honey glow.

The main furniture (two dressers) were in the room when it was a guest room and honestly mostly have my clothes in them. Stella has 3 drawers. She has the entire closet (which is tiny and a bit crazy) and the two storage bins under the crib. I love them, found them at Ikea for cheap and they can hold a lot of stuff. They also fixed my no crib skirt problem.  The crib sheet and changing pad cover are from Land of Nod. We made a makeshift changing table on one of the dressers and the other is the bottle/sterilizer station. The lamps are what was already in the room. I still want to find a good rug for in front of the crib and a better storage system for her stuffed animals and toys. Also, some curtains, especially since blinds are a safety hazard. The biggest negative to the room is that it is a walk-thru room with two doors, the second door leads to the Office.

Some of my other favorite features are the orange basket on top of the bookshelf that is filled with handmade blankets I got at her shower. On top of that are two Blabla Dolls that are so cool, a splurge gift from my Mom. These dolls are adorable and will definitely be put on a high shelf to protect them during her toddler phase. I also love the shoe organizer that was left over from when John used that closet, it works great to store all kinds of hats, swimsuits, pants and accessories. All in all I love the room, it is really cheerful and pleasant.