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Our Little Cheerleader

Stella participated in a cheerleading fundraiser for the Mary Star of the Sea High School over the weekend. My friend’s daughter is a Senior Cheerleader and they invited Stella to be in the clinic, which was so nice of them. It was from 10am-1:30pm on Saturday. I was nervous about Stella being able to last for 3.5 hours and not get totally nuts and drive the girls crazy. But, she had such a great time and was mostly well-behaved and happy just to be there.  I think Cheerleaders might even now rank higher in her esteem than the Disney Princesses. Honestly, they were so great with her and are such wonderful role models. Their poise, polite manners, great attitudes, friendly team dynamic and athleticism was all very impressive. She loved all the attention from the girls and definitely wants to be a cheerleader now. It all brought back such great memories of my days on JV and Varsity Cheer. Sorry for the blurry Iphone pics, I really wish I brought the good camera, also that uploading video wasn’t such a pain, because the video is so adorable. If Stella has as much energy and fanciful flair in her teen years as she does now, it might just be the perfect sport for her.














Pretend City Children’s Museum

I took Stella to Pretend City in Irvine recently and she had the best time. We met up with some friends and just let the girls explore the whole place. The concept is basically a full city of kid size places to visit. There is a Marina, Beach, Post Office, Grocery Store, Diner, Dentist Office, Doctor’s Office, a Farm, Construction Zone, Two-Bedroom home, Art Studio, Gas Station, Theater and more and more. Each station offered suitable activities, costumes and props to play with. It’s just a perfect place for a toddler, they can touch everything. There is also room for growth for future visits as the concepts start to click for your child. It’s really well done, organized and clean. We only stopped for a few minutes to enjoy a packed lunch and Stella was right back at it. She did not want to leave. This place is definitely going to warrant a return visit soon, we may even have to consider a membership. They also offer free health and developmental screenings on certain days which is really cool. My only snicker was for the red BMW convertible for the kids to “drive”. I guess in Irvine they start marketing to the very, very young to desire that requisite Beemer! LOL.  Sorry for the blurry iPhone photos.


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Story Time with Princess Belle

A few weeks ago I took Stella to a special story time at the library featuring Princess Belle. We decided it was the perfect day for her to wear the princess skirt and top my Mom gave her for her birthday. Stella loved her fancy dress. The story time was actually at an inopportune time of 1:30pm, like smack in the middle of her usual nap time. But I decided to commit to hosting the event for my Mom’s group anyway. Because I might be nuts.  I figured I would walk Stella to the park early, tire her out and get her to fall asleep in her stroller on the 30 minute walk home. Ha Ha Ha. The kid would not nap. Not for anything. Not even on the drive over to the library. So off we went to meet Belle with no nap and an uneasy feeling in my Mama gut. I mean, even with a nap this kind of stuff is hugely challenging for my busy girl. Needless to say, we spent most of the actual story time out front collecting ourselves. She just didn’t want to sit still and listen to the story, she wanted to run around and tell me….”Mama, Mama….Princess!!” It was cute, just very disruptive. After the stories, she was suddenly content to sit still on the mat and wait her turn to meet Belle. This would be the time that the kids were now free to move around and make noise. Oh my Stella, you know how to make your Mom sweat it.  Meeting Belle was a big thrill and Stella gave her the sweetest hug. She was asleep within the first two minutes of driving home.