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Stella’s Library – Potty Training Books

We are in the midst of potty training around here. Mostly having success with the liquid portion of the equation and still struggling with the other type of deposit. Sorry, it’s hard to discuss potty training without things getting a bit gross!

We started potty training a long time ago with Stella by buying her a froggy potty at Target and a few books to broach the topic. She was excited at first and tried a bit, but just really didn’t commit to the concept. Since starting school she has really been potty trained there and has been wearing underwear to school with no accidents for 3-4 months at this point. They go as a group at scheduled intervals. I think she really loves the social aspect of pottying with her friends.

She has also been pretty successful outside the home and has told me she needs to potty at the park, while shopping and at friends houses. We bought a Potette that I take with us to the park, which has been really a big help. Especially since park bathrooms can be unclean and she doesn’t seem to feel too comfortable if I have to hold her over the toilet so she doesn’t fall in. Honestly she has had no accidents that I recall outside the home. At home seems to be the most challenging. Things did improve when we bought her a potty seat that fits into our toilet instead of the froggy potty. It’s way less gross too by the way. However, if I am not diligent about reminding and insisting she go try, like if I get busy and forget to take her, she will sometimes tell me, but sometimes she still goes in her undies. She wakes up dry almost every morning and for naps. We are still putting her in a diaper at night. For naps I lay a waterproof pad under her just to protect the bedding (though we also have a waterproof mattress protector under the sheets). As I mentioned number two is also still a big challenge. Not even going to get into it. So we press on. We are getting there, just not 100% yet.

I thought I would do a post on the potty training books we have been reading in tandem with all of this activity. Some we bought and a few were given to us. I think they have been really helpful and Stella seems to genuinely enjoy reading them over and over AND over.


Potty by Leslie Patricelli is one of my favorites. I love her whole series though. This book is cute, simple and straight-forward. It would be a really great book for families with pets, as it talks about where cats and dogs go potty too. Also, it’s a good starter book if you want to introduce the concept earlier than two.


Daniel Tiger is one of Stella’s favorite shows. There is an episode about potty training that is also super helpful that includes a great little jingle to sing that really addresses the heart of the matter with our trainee. “When you have to go potty, stop and go right away. Flush and wash and be on your way.” This book is a mini-version of that message and has a cute little button to press that makes the sound of a toilet flushing. Guess who loves that feature!


This book is really cute for little girls. It talks about all the other females your daughter might know and that they all wear panties like it’s a big girl badge of coolness. She also talks about all the different colors and pattern options of panties. This really appeals to my fashion conscious trainee. The illustrations are super darling.


This book feels a little more dated to me, it was written in the 70’s and it just feels like it too.  But we also like it. The little girl in the book, Prudence potties in what looks like a chamberpot and that seemed a bit confusing to me. There is also a boy version.


We have lots of Karen Katz Books and this one is really cute. Getting to wear undies is definitely a goal for Stella because of books like this.


Another Karen Katz book. This one focuses more on the act itself and the patience it takes to have success on the potty. So it’s nice to have two different angles covered with potty training. Both Karen Katz books address accidents and that they are ok and to move on from there.

Stella’s Library

Another sick day at home here. Poor Stella is on day three of the stomach flu. It’s about 3pm and all quiet since 6am, so I am hoping we are moving on from this unfortunate roadside attraction. Well, I guess I am catching up on some blogging. We got some more great books for Christmas, I think our munchkin got about 15 new books. Hooray! It is so great to have any new reading material. You read books over and over again with a toddler and I am super desperate for anything fresh. These are some of our favorite additions to the stacks.


This is a flap book. These flap books are always a hit, though I have a basket of flaps Stella has kindly completely removed from some of her books. One day they will be lovingly repaired, but not now, because I learned the hard way that repaired flaps are twice as exciting to rip off. Anyway, I will wait until she’s beyond this phase before I fix up her books again. Though, I do suspect her decline of pulling the flaps off will somehow collide with her decline of interest in flap books. Anyway, this book is seriously cute.


Our next door neighbors gave Stella this book for Christmas. I had never heard of it and I absolutely love the story and artwork. It’s about a little “snatchabook” creature who is stealing the story books from all the woodland creatures night by night. I won’t spoil the ending, but it’s a cute little tale for sure. I think this book will endure for years.


Another cute zoo story. We love animals around here. This one is really easy to follow and hold Stella’s attention. It’s also a little cheeky.


John picked this one out for Stella. It’s an alphabet book, naming different sea creatures for each letter of the alphabet. The artwork is really pretty and more mature, not babyish or cutesy which I really like for a change. We are heavy into alphabet tools these days.


This is one I put on Stella’s amazon list and her Grandparents in Indiana sent her for Christmas. It’s probably a little mature for Stella just yet but I love the book and can’t wait till she is really ready for it. Though we had our first knot in her hair this week (it’s finally getting long enough for knots!) So maybe this book will come in handy for addressing that fun stuff. I still remember getting knots combed out of my hair as a kid and how much it was the absolute WORST.


This might be Stella’s favorite book of all right now. She pulls this one out almost every night at bedtime. It’s pretty much a breakdown of the “tubby” she just experienced. We also have Yummy Yucky from this series and plan to get more. They are really darling and a bit funny.


Stella’s Library

Stella still loves books. On her birthday we got a lot of great new reading material for her bookshelves. Hooray! She is still chewing on books and her attention span for being read to can waiver from a few pages to the entire book. Books are read throughout the day and are a fixture in her bedtime routine. One new cute thing she is doing that practically makes me tear up with pride is pulling books down from the bookshelf and paging through them staring intently at the pages. She is also doing this with some of the small books we have in the car while we drive. Looking back at her in the mirror and seeing her do this just makes my day. Right now she is really drawn to the word picture books with lots of objects and colors. She also still loves anything with an activity, flap to pull, fur to touch, etc. Here are a few new favorites.

i am invited to a party

I am a huge Mo Willems fan. I like to give his books for gifts. This book is just darling. It was a gift from our friends Joy and Sophie. Piggie get’s invited a party and gets some funny party prep advice from Elephant. It’s darling and since parties are one of Stella’s favorite activities, I know this book will always excite her.


Sophie the Giraffe  is one of Stella’s best buddies. See here for the photographic evidence. I was really excited when I came across this book at the Kitson Shop in Fashion Island. I had no idea the line had expanded to books, it looks like there are about five of them. I am sure we will collect them all. I picked this one because it has both flaps and textures to touch, both of her favorite things to do. The artwork is adorable. I love all the French named animal friends that Sophie has like Josephine the Mouse and Margot the Turtle. Giraffes are big around here as My Mom (Stella’s Gigi) is obsessed and has supplied her with many Giraffes. Stella still calls them ffffff, which I love.


This book was sent to us by Stella’s Great Aunt Sandy. It is also adorable and part of a series I am sure we will collect. One by one the book sorts through cute fairy’s and weeds them out for one reason or another. Each reason is something for Stella to touch like a shiny crown, frizzy hair, etc.  She pulls this one out of the shelf a lot to look through, it also must taste good as it has several chew marks.


Speaking of chewing on books, we got this book for Stella specifically because it addresses chewing on books. The book explains all the things a book is not for…chewing, emailing, flying, etc. It’s a cute, short and applicable read.


Stella’s other Grandmother sent her this book for her birthday. It is very sweet, it teaches animal names as each one introduced helps provide another ingredient needed to make a birthday cake. Then they all bake and share the cake.


This book was another birthday present. It is funny and honestly John and I probably enjoy it a little more than her right now. It’s a cute, cheeky story of some cows that type up demands of the Farmer that keeps them and the negotiations and possible strike that results. The illustrations are also great. I know this will be a family fave for years.


This book and several similar ones are pretty much her favorites right now. She loves looking at the pictures and when we go through them together I pronounce the words for her. Her vocabulary is getting better every day and I think these books really help. I just bought a mini version of this type of book to add to her car collection. I am contemplating getting some flash cards to see if she enjoys that method.

bb in my nest

We got two more of this series for her birthday from her “Auntie Kristina”, In My Nest and In My Den. These are still a huge hit and I love adding to the collection. I think Sara Gillingham and Lorena Siminovich make beautiful books. Lorena Siminovich is the illustrator behind the Petit Collage  brand. I recently connected the dots that the Fox Baby Picture we have framed in Stella’s bedroom is also from her prints on wood collection. We ordered it when I was pregnant on Etsy. She has even more cool designs now, though I still love our Fox Mama and Baby.



Few pics of Stella with my new book, Raising Your Spirited Child. If I can stay awake to read it, report to come :)